Club EagleRider

If you sign up, please use my referral code RXMJL so they know I sent you! I’ve been an EagleRider customer for years, renting bikes in cool places including Phoenix, Portland and even way back in 2002 when I rode one-way from Vegas to LA. Recently, they added a membership club where for a monthly […]

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Stop Interstate 3!

My first activist post! 🙂 Interstate 3 is a proposed highway that would run from Savannah to Knoxville via Augusta.  It’s a sucky idea for many reasons, especially because it would barrel right through some of the most beautiful wild places in Georgia and North Carolina. It would also run over one of the sweetest motorcycle […]

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REVIEW: booooots

Riding boots are so important to comfort and safety when riding. (And, of course, you want to look cool.) You want to be sure that when you stop your bike and put your feet on the street, that they stick and don’t slide, even if it’s wet or slippery with oil residue. The sole needs […]

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what stinks about riding

I love riding motorcycles. This would be evident by the very existence of this blog. But it’s not all sunshine and cool breezes. My LEAST favorite thing about riding is roadkill*. I only know one person who actually likes roadkill (here’s looking at you, PA), but most normal people try to avoid any interaction with […]

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what’s that on your head?

Ah, helmets. Little in motorcycling is so simple and so controversial. A tricky subject, depending on your audience. Down here in the get-the-guvment-outta-my-business South, there is a large and vocal group of riders who believe that wearing safety equipment should be a choice. A decision left to the adult rider to make. I understand their […]

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Gear is invaluable to a rider. In brief, here’s a list of a few items that I try not to leave behind when I go on a ride.  Almost all can fit in your jacket pockets, and all make life more pleasant. So in no order, I give you my list of useful stuff: Chapstick […]

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georgia beauty

Last weekend was the most gorgeous weather you could wish for in August in Georgia. The puffy white clouds traveled lazily across the sky, dropping the temperature several degrees when they came between the earth and her life-giving star. I met up with my favorite riding buddies and we set off for an unhurried trek […]

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