Yes, this is a motorcycle blog. But the urgent need to fundamentality change how Blacks are treated in this country – both by individuals and ALL our systems – is too important for anyone with any platform, however small, to ignore. Below I’ve gathered  some of the resources I’ve been using in my journey to […]



My friends and I love camping on our bikes. The feeling of having everything I need on my motorcycle is very freeing for me, and nothing beats sleeping under the stars. Add beautiful roads and the fun of sharing the day’s riding adventures around the campfire, and you have a fabulous experience. So after a […]


TRUST in the age of COVID-19

Motorcyclists love to imagine themselves lone wolves, self-sufficient individualists who rely on their wits, skill and toughness to travel the world. Bullsh*t. We live in a society. And with our world community facing a deadly virus, it’s more evident than ever that our actions and lives are interconnected and we rely on each other and […]

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2020 Event Calendar!

NOTE: Due to the global COVID-19 virus pandemic, many of the events below have been postponed or canceled. Please visit the event websites for the latest information and dates. Stay safe, friends!   I love moto events with my riding friends! The ride there & back, camping, checking out the beautiful machines, catching some live […]

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Triking Cape Town

[Ride stats: Dec. 28, 2018; Western South African cape; 130+ miles] I’m not really comfortable on the back of a bike. I much prefer being in control. Turns out I can be relaxed on the back of a trike, however! My friend Melissa and I took an epic holiday trip to South Africa, and no […]

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California On Fire

[Ride stats: Nov. 10-12, 2018; Central California Coast, LA to Monterey; 750+ miles] Another work trip, another chance to explore! This trip to California was overshadowed, however, by a literal dark cloud of smoke from wildfires raging just north of L.A. near Malibu. While I had a fabulous trip, my mind kept snapping back to […]

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