SV Mods

Picked up my SV today from the awesome crew at MSP Cycles, and they did a great job! Did a little maintenance – oil change, chain tightened, but mainly some fun mods. I like my bikes to be sleek, and not have any unnecessary parts or pieces. And since I don’t intend to ever carry […]

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Racer Girl

My love of motorcycling stems from the joy I get being free and unconstrained in the great outdoors. It’s not really about speed for me. That said, sometimes I do like to go FAST. (Especially on my new ride… it’s just so zippy!) Earlier this month, I had the chance to do my very first […]

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The Revelation.

Today has been revelatory. I have figured out what I want to do for a living. What I really, really want to do. I have had a very successful career in public relations and marketing, and I’m very lucky today to have a great job. However, I have never felt fully fulfilled as a pitchman […]

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Expanding the Garage

Well, I am now officially a glutton. I bought a second bike! Adding to the BMW cruiser, a 1999 Suzuki SV650 sportbike.                       And this weekend I took her up to the mountains for the first time! The Blue Devil, as she’s been crowned, handles […]

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It’s no secret I’m a wuss about riding in cold weather. And it’s been a COLD winter! (Well, by Georgia standards.) I haven’t ridden in a while, and that sucks. But today is sunny and the daffodils are starting to peek up out of the frozen ground, and I’m sitting on my back deck with […]

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REVIEW: booooots

Riding boots are so important to comfort and safety when riding. (And, of course, you want to look cool.) You want to be sure that when you stop your bike and put your feet on the street, that they stick and don’t slide, even if it’s wet or slippery with oil residue. The sole needs […]

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she’s crafty

I’m no gearhead. I wasn’t raised working on cars or bikes. Most talk of parts and repairs puts me to sleep. I’d just rather be on the road than in the garage. But thank goodness for my friends & local shops that are handy with a wrench – they keep me riding & happy. That […]

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what stinks about riding

I love riding motorcycles. This would be evident by the very existence of this blog. But it’s not all sunshine and cool breezes. My LEAST favorite thing about riding is roadkill*. I only know one person who actually likes roadkill (here’s looking at you, PA), but most normal people try to avoid any interaction with […]

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