Get Heated

Why did it take me so long? Finally, in my 20th winter of riding, I invested in real heated gear! And it’s been worth every penny. I live in Georgia. I know, I know… it doesn’t really get that cold here. I don’t care if you call me a wimp. Why be miserable? And I’ve […]

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Plan B… and C… and D…

… aka The Value of an Awesome Riding Partner July 4th weekend my bestie Melissa and I took off Friday and headed north on our bikes with a destination and a rough weekend plan in mind. And what would transpire looked nothing like our plan. It’s hard to over-emphasize the value of a travel buddy […]

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When I’m not behind my handlebars, I’m behind my laptop. I work for myself as a marketing consultant, which allows me freedom and flexibility while partnering with some awesome companies to help them grow. My two worlds don’t often collide, but I found myself admiring an ad campaign targeted to us riders, and decided to […]


Triking Cape Town

[Ride stats: Dec. 28, 2018; Western South African cape; 130+ miles] I’m not really comfortable on the back of a bike. I much prefer being in control. Turns out I can be relaxed on the back of a trike, however! My friend Melissa and I took an epic holiday trip to South Africa, and no […]

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California On Fire

[Ride stats: Nov. 10-12, 2018; Central California Coast, LA to Monterey; 750+ miles] Another work trip, another chance to explore! This trip to California was overshadowed, however, by a literal dark cloud of smoke from wildfires raging just north of L.A. near Malibu. While I had a fabulous trip, my mind kept snapping back to […]

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Phoenix Escape Route

“Bleisure” is the painful made-up word we marketers have created to describe work trips that morph into pleasure get-aways (business + leisure.) While I hate the word, I love the concept! And as a single woman with wanderlust and ingrained frugality, I’ve been taking advantage of my companies’ trips since 1999. This time it was […]

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