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Welcome to the Biker Brooke blog. It’s a place where I share my love of motorcycling. I especially wish to inspire more women to get behind the handlebars. Riding is my passion, my playground, my sanity. And I have some pretty strong opinions about gear, especially so-called “women’s” gear.  Hope you enjoy reading.

More random notes about me:  Love being outdoors and active. (SPF) sun worshipper. Hobbies are varied, diverse and occasionally fleeting. I like to try everything! One day I’ll ride cross-country and write a book about it. I’m an independent marketing consultant, and I serve on the Board of Directors of an amazing charity, Camp Carefree.

Just as happy with a PBR tallboy as a flavored martini. I think tattoos are beautiful and a brave expression of personality. I’m considering starting a bachelorette party business (cause I plan a mean one.) I don’t eat meat but don’t care if you do. I wish I were bad-ass enough to play roller derby.

A good friend and I celebrated our 30th birthdays by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. It was wet, dirty and really difficult, but I’m so glad I did it. I love animals and think that domesticated dogs are the finest example of man tampering with nature (which in general I abhor.) I dream about having a huge flying creature like Falcor in the Neverending Story.

I am optimistic, fun-loving and occasionally ridiculously cheery. I think it’s easier to go through life with a positive attitude. Yes, you may recognize me from random TV appearances.

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14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for the great conversation and note, best in new endeavours re Portland trip. Just got back to Calgary last night. Pleasure meeting you Brooke. Regards

  2. Hi BikerBrooke – a buddy forwarded your blog to me. He’s in GA and I’m in MD. Nice bike – I ride a Rocket 3 and I’m about to get out there right about now…

    1. Aloha! I found your blog after reading the article about your 007 bike! Nice to read about other women’s experiences and gear reviews! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello, enjoyed your story about your German camping cruiser in WSJ, and found your blog. Really enjoyed the tenacity in acquiring. Ride safe and be well.

  4. Big time congrats Brooke on the WSJ article today and a well written and well designed blog, very appreciated. See you out there sometime; enjoy your summer !

  5. Your article is WSJ is making the rounds around the Chromeheads pages in FB. (We used to live in Marietta, loved riding northern GA and are former 2001 Phoenix owners and still have a great fondness for the 1200C.) Chromeheads.org is a great resource for C riders and a nice bunch all around. Cheers.

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