How to Choose Your First Motorcycle

Excited for my first article on the Life Lanes site as a #ProgressivePartner – “How to Choose Your First Motorcycle.”

I’ve always hoped that this blog would provide helpful info to riders – especially newbies and women – and working with Progressive allows me to reach more people!

As a 20+ year rider and buyer of many bikes, I tried to break down the 5 most important things to consider for first-time shoppers.  I hope you enjoy my first Life Lanes post (more to come!), and share with friends who are interested in joining you on the road, but aren’t sure how to go about buying their first bike. 

2 thoughts on “How to Choose Your First Motorcycle

  1. Can you or any of your readers recommend a mechanic to work on a BMW R 1200 C 1998.
    Sadly my previous mechanic Mike Malone passed away

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