When I’m not behind my handlebars, I’m behind my laptop. I work for myself as a marketing consultant, which allows me freedom and flexibility while partnering with some awesome companies to help them grow.

My two worlds don’t often collide, but I found myself admiring an ad campaign targeted to us riders, and decided to share thoughts that cross both realms!

The best advertising has two qualities, which are simple to understand and sometimes very, very hard to achieve. First, understanding the target audience deeply – how they behave, what motivates them, and what problem your product or service can solve. And second, discovering a unique insight about that audience that can birth a creative idea to connect with them (“they really get me!”), and inspire interest and action with your brand.

I love this campaign for Progressive Insurance by Arnold Worldwide (credits below.) The concept is so spot-on because the understanding of audience and insight are so perfect: for motorcyclists, nothing can spoil the day as long as we’re riding. And what problem does Progressive solve? Keeping us on the road, no matter what happens, even if it’s outrageous!

With that as the brief, the creative team obviously had a lot of fun, and injecting it with humor makes it memorable. Combine that with fabulous art direction and photography, some masterful Photoshop, excellent copywriting, and a simple, clean layout; and you’ve got a winning campaign.

Bonus – diversity in casting; they didn’t forget us lady riders! (Of course this shouldn’t be a “bonus,” but the industry still has a ways to go…)

Headline/subhead: “A bad day on the road still beats a good day off it. We help keep you out there.” So, so good – simple is best! That’s literally all the copy this ad needs. I love that they even left off the web address – it’s 2020; people know how to Google!

What do you think? Does this campaign speak to you?


Credits (I hope this is right; I found on Lürzer’s Archive…. it’s important that creators get proper credit!)
  • Agency: Arnold, Boston
  • Creative & Copywriting Team: Icaro Doria, Sean McBride, Melanie Simonich, Wesley Dorsainvil, Jamie Malnati, Clark Chamberlin
  • Photography: Chris Buck


  1. Love it, and totally agree! Simple and direct, and they understand their target audience. I hadn’t seen this campaign—so they likely also have a solid media buy, since I’m not in their target audience—so thanks for sharing.

  2. I completely agree! Looks like they did their research! As the industry grows, so do the women ridership numbers. I hope this becomes common practice, unobjectively including women in motorcycle ad campaigns.

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