Yes, this is a motorcycle blog. But the urgent need to fundamentality change how Blacks are treated in this country – both by individuals and ALL our systems – is too important for anyone with any platform, however small, to ignore.

Below I’ve gathered  some of the resources I’ve been using in my journey to learn and grow and be a better human. I simply hope they help you, too.

Let’s start with moto content! Shoutout to Easyriders magazine, which has been doing a hella awesome job on its Instagram of surfacing some very cool and little-known (at least to me) stories of influential Black American bikers.

My favorite so far: In 1967, Peter Fonda met Cliff Vaughs, a civil rights activist, filmmaker, and motorcycle builder from Boston. Fonda hired him as an associate producer on “Easy Rider,” and Vaughs in turn recruited Ben Hardy to collaborate on the build of the famous Captain America bike! I had no idea two Black men were behind  one of the most iconic choppers of all time!

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 4.54.42 PM

Here are some resources, which I hope you find helpful. Suggestions and feedback welcome!





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