My friends and I love camping on our bikes. The feeling of having everything I need on my motorcycle is very freeing for me, and nothing beats sleeping under the stars. Add beautiful roads and the fun of sharing the day’s riding adventures around the campfire, and you have a fabulous experience.

My first bike – camping 20 years ago!
So after a great weekend of camping, I thought I’d research and share a list of moto-only or motorcycle friendly campsites in the Blue Ridge Mountains of GA/TN/NC/VA.
This is not a comprehensive list of all campgrounds where motorcycles are allowed – this is instead locations that are DESIGNED for (or very accommodating to) bikers, where you’ll find camaraderie and biker-friendly touches. Facilities vary from rustic tent-only camping to basic cabins and fancy lodges. I also excluded state and national parks with campaign facilities, although there are many in the area.
See you by the fire!
North Carolina
CONTACT ME and let me know campgrounds I’ve left off the list!
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  1. I was riding my sweet-handling Honda Hawk on the mountain roads near Two Wheels of Suches when a heavyset biker dude in coveralls blasted by me on his massive Honda Valkyrie as if I was backing up. I spotted him in the lobby at Two Wheels and told him that he made me look like a kid on a tricycle. A modest man, he said, “Naw, I just know these roads better than you.” And I said, “That is kind, but it is also bull****.”

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