TRUST in the age of COVID-19

Motorcyclists love to imagine themselves lone wolves, self-sufficient individualists who rely on their wits, skill and toughness to travel the world.

Bullsh*t. We live in a society. And with our world community facing a deadly virus, it’s more evident than ever that our actions and lives are interconnected and we rely on each other and must, against our American pioneering spirit, TRUST each other.

Every trip on two wheels, we must extend TRUST to strangers. At every stop light, we TRUST the other driver to stop. We TRUST they’re paying attention and see us. 

This trust does not mean we give up, or believe blindly in the intentions of others. We protect ourselves, with gear, with skill, with maneuvers and caution. But the highways literally wouldn’t move if we didn’t all agree to a set of rules, and TRUST that those around us know them and will (generally) adhere to them.

It’s a strange parallel to a deadly worldwide virus that jumps easily from person to person. I am doing my best to self-isolate and stay home, but I had to get some groceries this week. I had to TRUST that the people around me were informed and being as careful as I am. I had to TRUST that the person who put out the produce was wearing gloves and/or washing their hands. We have to TRUST the doctors and experts, and our even government.

I guess the point to me is, no woman is an island. I am grateful to live in a society where I TRUST those around me to be equal members of the community, and to do their part to keep the social order. When all this is over, maybe one tiny but important positive outcome will be increased TRUST in one another, and an acknowledgement of healthy dependance that is not shunned as anti-American.

I am very grateful that my favorite hobby follows social distancing guidelines. If you can ride safely and avoid contact with others, I highly recommend it to manage your stress. I rode about 200 miles through the Georgia countryside yesterday, taking long, deep breaths and I felt 100% better when I got home. I TRUST that these measures will help keep me, and my whole community, safer.

Stay healthy my friends. Ride safely. And try to extend TRUST. We need each other more than ever right now.

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3 thoughts on “TRUST in the age of COVID-19

  1. Well said, Brooke! I took a 150-miler with a couple of brothers yesterday, and it has made a world of difference! Therapeutic, to say the least. Hoping we can all find our own ways to be ‘normal’ during this crazy period in mankinds history. Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep rolling, baby!

  2. I live in Blairsville. Union county so far has had 39 confirmed cases with one death. Great numbers, as our population of just 25,000 is sparse. The highest point in GA. is just 13 miles south of me. Come up & try out HWY. 325. The lake is full & beautiful.

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