REVIEW: UUB Bag (Ukoala)

NOTE: Ukoala has rebranded as UUB – Urban Utility Bag

There’s an ongoing joke among my (mostly male) biker friends about the quantity and size of the stuff I carry when riding. It stems mostly from the time a friend drove his pickup to our campsite, and so I gave him my 8-man tent to haul for me (just me), because why not? The legend of the Taj Ma-Tent was born.

But so what? Their ribbing doesn’t rattle me. I am a woman who likes to be prepared. And when I’m out for a day ride or just out meeting friends at bike night, I want my essentials close at hand.

So let’s explore the carrying options when on two wheels:

  • Jeans pockets: you’re going to lose something
  • Saddlebags: I prefer to remove them on short jaunts, and one bike doesn’t have them
  • Backpack: uncomfortable, constraining and not cool
  • Tank bag: fear of scratching tank; have to carry off bike for fear of theft
  • Cross-body bag: flappin’ in the wind….

None of these are optimal, obviously. But I’ve found the solution!!!

Check out this sweet UkoalaBag*. bikster-1-2_ae8ad158-b161-4e8e-8963-e973011f77b0_1024x1024

With straps every which-way, it was easy to tighten and adjust to fit my waist and thigh snuggly. And that’s my first impression – snug. Which is great because it doesn’t flap in the wind and requires no adjustment when I park and dismount.The position on your leg is perfect for reaching items easily. (And I’m not gonna lie – I feel a little badass Lara Croft-y.)

There are two large main pockets, the bigger (closer to the thigh) has magnetic closures and interior elastic straps for securing items, including a handgun if you’re so inclined. The remainder of the three smaller pockets are secured with zippers. And even though the top flap pocket is secured with only a magnet, I found it strong enough to hold even at highway speeds.

I love the feel of the high-quality, thick leather, and every detail and fastener is equally as hefty and well-planned. For example, the clips on the leg strap spin – a tiny but thoughtful detail that keeps the straps flat and untangled.

Plus I love (but am not surprised), UkoalaBags are designed by a woman. AND made in the USA. Bonus and bonus.

Look at all the ways you can carry it! So far, I prefer the thigh – it feels secure and comfortable and I have no worries about theft – but love that you can throw it on your back or over a shoulder, too.


What’s in your bag? The bags come in three sizes – Compact, Standard and Expanded. I tested The Bikester model, which is the Standard size (10.5″ x 13″), and it holds everything I need for a day on the bike.


My kit includes: 

  • Personal care: hand sanitizer, SPF lotion, tissues, Aquaphor, hand warmers, earplugs, clear glasses for night riding
  • Bike Gear: multi-tool, kickstand puck, helmet lock, bungee cord
  • Security: S&W .38 special, reflective safety vest, mini flashlight, Al Mar tactical knife
  • Misc: koozie for cold drinks, granola bar, breath mints, lighter, bottle opener
  • + iPhone & wallet, of course (with AMA member card!)

Bottom Line: Love this bag! It’s beautiful and beautifully-made, comfortable and versatile and I feel great and secure wearing it. Highly recommended for men and women, on the bike or off.


*DISCLOSURE: UkoalaBag gave me a free bag in exchange for a review, but all thoughts, feelings and raves are truly mine! I would have just sent it back with no commentary if I didn’t love it.

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Good to go whichever bike I’m on!

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3 thoughts on “REVIEW: UUB Bag (Ukoala)

  1. I understand totally. I was able to bring even an spare helmet in my suitcase or even oil for the motorcycle. When you ride a classic, my bike was from 79, you get used to be ready for everything.

    Long life to the Cruiser. I’m in love with this model and some day I will have one.

    Greetings from Europe,


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