SV Mods

Picked up my SV today from the awesome crew at MSP Cycles, and they did a great job! Did a little maintenance – oil change, chain tightened, but mainly some fun mods. I like my bikes to be sleek, and not have any unnecessary parts or pieces. And since I don’t intend to ever carry a passenger on this bike (no thank you!) I had the passenger pegs removed as well as the back seat. Smooth…

I also wasn’t a fan of the big factory honkin turn signals, front or rear. So off they go! For the rear, I instead got a wired license plate cover that has turn signals and an extra brake light. And, inspired by a mechanic friend, I had bar-end signals added to the handlebars. My goal isn’t to reduce the size or viability of my lights – I like to be seen! – but rather to streamline a bit. I love it!

Oh and while they were at it and running wires through my handlebars, why not add heated grips as well! 🙂 Won’t be using those for a few months, but how wonderful will toasty fingers feel when it cools down this fall and winter! I’m a happy biker. Thanks again MSP!




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