The Revelation.

Today has been revelatory. I have figured out what I want to do for a living. What I really, really want to do.

I have had a very successful career in public relations and marketing, and I’m very lucky today to have a great job. However, I have never felt fully fulfilled as a pitchman for various products and services… I have always wished I could find a career that would allow me to enjoy my love of riding motorcycles, my passion for travel, the outdoors and nature, and also leverage my skills – specifically, interpersonal communications, leadership and writing.

Well today it dawned on me… I am destined to be a Motorcycle Tour Guide! Imagine – meeting a group of motorcycle-passionate strangers, who over the course of days and miles of riding through beautiful scenery, become friends. Using my optimism and flexibility in unforeseen circumstances to care for this group and ensure that no matter what happens, they have the time of their lives. And traveling the world on two wheels!

And then, the possibilities are endless. I can write magazine and newspaper articles about the trips, getting great PR for the tour companies. I can test gear and publish reviews. I can work with environmental groups to protect beautiful places. And I can have a life of adventure and fun.

I have a new dream. Now, to make it happen.

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