REVIEW: booooots

Riding boots are so important to comfort and safety when riding. (And, of course, you want to look cool.) You want to be sure that when you stop your bike and put your feet on the street, that they stick and don’t slide, even if it’s wet or slippery with oil residue. The sole needs to be thick and cushy to absorb vibration, and they have to  be comfortable enough to wear all day. When I find a pair I like, I wear them til they literally fall apart. Which is what happened recently. Luckily, like most ladies, I heart shopping for shoes!

Harley-Davidson Addison Boot. Check out that sole!
Harley-Davidson Addison Boot. Check out that sole!

I always shake my head when I see the Harley-branded boots at dealerships made for women. Most have ridiculously high heels, or snaps and laces and other doodads that are completely impractical. These boots are clearly made for passengers, not drivers. So imagine my surprise when, after much comparison shopping, I landed on a new pair of boots with the Harley label. And I love them!


A tip – even if your new boot is advertised as waterproof, it can always be better! Wet socks suck. I love SNO-SEAL wax for waterproofing leather.  You heat up the seams with a hairdryer, and apply the wax with a cloth, rubbing it into every  seam. I haven’t found anything that works better. Do this a couple times a year for toasty dry toes!

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