she’s crafty

I’m no gearhead. I wasn’t raised working on cars or bikes. Most talk of parts and repairs puts me to sleep. I’d just rather be on the road than in the garage. But thank goodness for my friends & local shops that are handy with a wrench – they keep me riding & happy.

That said, I’m also not completely inept with tools. Small, simple repairs & tweaks I can sometimes handle. And it makes me proud when I can do something myself. So behold – my freshly installed windshield! A Saturday morning well-spent.


My girls & I are gearing up for a trip to Florida, & hundreds of miles on the interstate is exactly where you want a little less wind beating you up. This shield came with my bike when I bought it – and removing it was the very first thing I did after riding it home! In general, I’m a less-is-more biker, especially when it comes to bike esthetics. But I also value functionality. So the shield will see its first action in over 4 years! I’ll report how it works out. The posts from redneck central, Panama City, are sure to be entertaining…

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